“Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Also, learning every day – even for a minute – keep the spirit up and , so this is an essential reason to find moment daily to work on myself.

.. to complete Ghandi’s quote
Also, learning every day is key to my inner stability, so this is an essential reason to find moment daily to work on myself.

I remember reading a post – years ago, cannot find it again unfortunately but it was on this blog (in Spanish) – talking about waiting for retirement. The writer mention that story of a guy – 55 – who decided that it was now time to seat tight and wait for retirement. Sounds clever, hun ? That is without saying that Spain’s retirement age is 67! Would one really plan on staying idle for 12 years? The author was also deeply surprised, that the person did not even realise how long this would be.

Being conscious of one’s own idleness is a first step towards awesomeness.

Anyone can embark on the journey of change, but no change happen overnight: resilience and perceverance are paramount to any evolution.
Learning grounds me, humbles me by facing the deepness of my own ignorance – it helps me remain connected with the world surrounding you.
To me any goal can be compared a sport competition in the sense that training is unavoidable BUT without the physical aspect which limits the performance possibilities. Anyone can run a the distance of a marathon with training, but the time it is taking to do so depends on more factors than just training and will. That is where most people abandoned before starting. They believe that it is not worth running without performing.
I have been quite the opposite my whole life, jumping on every opportunity to learn something new to the point of embarking on a world tour or study wine making at 38, learning 6 languages (I can only speak four now) and living in 7 countries for more than 3 months.

Certain type of people just deeply believe that nothing is impossible. You can be part of this group. It is just about accepting to start somewhere on a journey of discoveries that will have positive effects, more often than you think.

Learning is not about reaching a goal, it is about making progress. Seeing one’s own progress is a great – Free – and personal reward.
If you need support in your journey, please do not hesitate to share here, support will come right back.

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