Why me?

Lauriane Tiard-Caillaud

Give me 5 minutes on a call, we will understand each other.

I believe that my job is to become useless, as you would have built what you need out our exchanges, workshops, teamwork, audits; that is to say, I can provide any means that sounds necessary to make your company and your brand thrive without any more external help.

Solutions always exist, when the problem is clearly defined and there is will to address it

With a professional expertise built through 20 years of practice in strategy, branding, communications and CSR and ecology, as well as extensive travel and sports training; I have nurture my character and work ethics to become an effective adviser.

Empathy: No judgment & great adaptability

Originally from France, I studied and lived in 7 other countries. I have learnt to be pragmatic; that everyone has a valid point of view and that energy is best spent on leveraging everyone’s input in a way to get things done.

Citizen of our time: Diverse international network

I can work proficiently in French, English and Spanish and working on the German. I travelled – a lot – even before Instagram existed, and build an understanding of the regional dynamics, as well as the latest trend through unsaciable curiosity.

Data savvy: Deep business understanding, ROI oriented:

Trained economist with scientific background, I understand and challenge a business plan, forecasts and market studies; and can help you build your plans based on your business dynamics and challenges.

Courage: Honest reading of your situation, no taboo

I do not fear confrontation and honest feedback, which is also why I can help you grow and move forward. Sometimes it is needed to bring an external voice to help disentangle tense situations. I offer straight and non emotional clarity, which often means hard truth as part of my assessment.

But that requires courage on both sides.