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The carbon footprint of Media – Part 1: Digital and TV

The advertising industry is pressured, like any other sector, to reduce its impact on Climate. Brands and publishers have pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030 to mitigate the risks for the environment. What is actually the impact of media production and usage? what can brands do?

How to really transition to data-driven decision-making?

I wrote this article as part of a series published on the Mercury Media Technology GmbH blog. We have developed a guide for you to facilitate the planning of this high-potential transformation for your business. It addresses the most pressing questions that managers will have to cover to set out on this exciting journey: WhatContinue reading “How to really transition to data-driven decision-making?”

Data infrastructure for advertising – where to start?

I wrote this post for MMT Transitioning to data-driven marketing, which has become a must-do for business performance in the last 5 years, is not uniquely a mindset to adopt. Using efficient data for decision making is not about building data-heavy graphs in business presentations to help you determine your next business steps. You needContinue reading “Data infrastructure for advertising – where to start?”

What 2021 can bring?

I wrote this post for MMT Looking back at all that we learned in 2020, we have many opportunities to make 2021 a year of success. It is clear that the acceleration of digitalization, specifically in the first half of the year, will continue in all branches and across all company activities. But how canContinue reading “What 2021 can bring?”