Consultancy services

« Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships »

Michael Jordan

I am supported by a network of professionals – experts in their fields – to deliver a set of services adapted to small businesses.

Tell us your problem, we will tailor a solution based on solid experience.

Governance remodelling:

Governing a company in the right way to leverage the full potential of the business. That means activating all channels of communication to multiply positive emulation between team members.

Strategy development :

We can help shape the development of your future by helping you to unleash the unarticulated goals that your reality can achieve and envisage what can be beyond. We have a full set of tools and capabilities to accompany your strategic development journey.

Branding strengthening:

Brand strengthening to leverage its value and generate more buisness: building solid story telling, coherent image building and efficient production.

Training planning:

Your team is your most important asset, it deserve to remain the most relevant specialist in their field. From bringing them up to speed on the latest technology to help set up a new company software to improve efficiency. We can plan a tailored series of trainings to ensure smooth transitions.

Human ressources:

I can help you prepare and select the right team members to address your internal needs in Marketing, Media, Communications.


« J’ai apprécié le niveau de maturité, rencontré de belles personnes avec un beau dynamisme. Les questions étaient challengeantes, les ateliers bien préparés, et le travail mouliné en amont. Pas de points négatifs. »

Nicolas Thouaux

In parallel of developping our communications tool kit, Lauriane was instrumental to the clarifications of our internal strategy, as well as instilling the goodwill for collaborative work.

Adèle Rinck

Lauriane’s drive has offer a great momentum to accompany changes and the support that we needed to voice the improvment of our structures and processes; in order to work more efficiently.

Valérie Le Vot

Not only Lauriane taught a program of strategic recommendation, but she took on the participate in establishing the assessment and processes.

Erik Anspach

Lauriane professional experience helped us turn around our project structure in the shortest timeframe.

Sylvie Dameron