“Live as if you were to die tomorrow”

Maximising the potential of each day with two priorities : living the present and preparing the future.


For many who knows me, I am slightly hyperactive – meaning that I am not considered on the sick-side of the scale but rather on the annoying side – I do have a feeling that being fully in this right now prevent me from being fully in something else right now too.

Life become an internal competition of immediate importance – at least in the positive sense of importance.

Giving the necessary time and importance to what you are doing right now.
Strangely enough, when I wish to be in the present, it becomes every difficult for me to keep in touch with my distant friends and family; the ones that are not part of my daily life. This was impossible to maintain – as I am not dwelling on Social Media to witness other people’s life – without making me feeling really sad so I decided to create time for planning this moments.

The conclusion is: Present yes, but future too.
Also having been a traveller on a shoe string, despite loving spontaneity, maturity as shown me better ways to act – and that includes not splurging on last minute city break that cost a month of rent. Money and buying power can be very relative, not keen on feeling I should have planned ahead when that was possible.

In my daily routine – when I feel a bit tired or not really up to do anything – I ask myself: “if you were to die tonight, was that how you wish to spend your last day?” that usefully make the trick to separate good fatigue from basic laziness.

Not being Tibetan help me a lot to not apply this proverb literally, but I still actually dream to be able to go down that path as I truly sense the power of living this through.

But we are not Tibetans, aren’t we? Let be ourselves first.

I do feel committed to more present moment focus – even more in the current attention based society. So I exploited quite a lot of the digital minimalist tricks to avoid being hacked on my time. If you are interested to know more about this, let me know and I will write something dedicated to it.

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