Time Management

As a kid, my dad always says : “we all have 24 hours in a day, you cannot say you did not HAVE the time to do this. You are the one to choose your priorities”

Being repeated this often anchored it into my heart and soul: we choose what we do of our time!

Time is the only commodity we cannot trade, save for the future, or buy back.

So what is the link with priorities? Now that we acknowledge that time runs and can’t be influenced, how come Bill Gates is him and I am me and not the contrary?

Focus vs multi-tasking

The more task you do simultaneously, the more time they take. Be conservative in estimating the time you need to do each action then add a good 30% when you try to do it at the same time as another time. Is that worth it? Only multi-task actions that require none of your attention.

For instance, I set « offline time » during which I do not refresh emails while producing content, this avoids loosing focus. I allow distractions while replying to communications which require little attention.

Procrastinating vs deep thinking

My sister always says that you are faster and more efficient when you know you have built a clear vision of the outcome. Then she says that one can use time to think through what needs to be done before starting.

I believe that – instead of dwelling in front of a blank sheet – it is a better use of your time to do any brainless tasks while thinking about your next mission: many studies says that repetitive tasks free mental space and relax the brain… You won’t feel like procrastinating anymore – and forget the guilt that goes with it – as you are moving the work to a new dimension.

Be careful though, this does not work for taxes.

Money vs time

How much is your time worth ? I really mean money wise… Do you feel that you could make more money out of this time than do your current task, maybe you should delegate it then.

What one doesn’t buy with money, one pays with your own time.

Some moments are priceless, these are the ones you wish to keep most of the rest can go. Your definition of priceless is unique : maybe that is organising a party for your family or be the key speaker at TED, what is important is your conscious choice of investing in these moments.

For instance, accounting is not my thing, I would hire someone just to sort my invoices and keep track of payments. This blog is also my priceless moment, I do it for me to create space for others as well.

Obviously, that list can go on ! Do not hesitate to comment on your way to build priorities.

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