Writing for corporate

I created a piece of corporate comms eight years ago – for a former employer – to promote well the doers in our field in a qualitative format: a well designed magazine sent to our database (5000 people) was chosen. This was a success so it was maintained as an annual rendez-vous of the sector. Eight years later this format is too crowded and cluttered.

They lately asked me how to improve it, It made me realised how easy a successful editorial rendez-vous can loose its impact with time.

Corporate editorial here is about what the company wishes to convey not advertising to the masses. There are three basic tricks in this areas that can quickly make the difference to set something up and successfully sell it to the board:

  • Assess purpose within context

Keep track of the objectives behind any piece of communication that goes to the public – when the universe involves the tools to communicate should evolve with it in the flow when you do not wish to disrupt or disruptively when you wish to.

  • Define relevant audience and how to attract them

One should ask oneself : Who should read it? What should expect to get out of it? vs. who reads me and what do they want to read or see?

  • Structure content in the relevant format to ease memorisation

How do you read best a data heavy piece of content? or a visual representation? Are the key messages analytical or deductive? What is the way your desired audience is used to receive this type of information? do not hesitate to split on different formats.

Assessing the impact of a format has become easy with the development of feedback app and web-based survey software to obtain unbiased and useful feedback that would serve your purpose. It is paramount to act on, not only consult. If one spend time in advising you, you must at least let one know what you plan on doing with it.

The magazine format is very efficient, but the content have to be purposed to have its traction with people who wish long and deep reading. It is a matter of working out whether it make sense for what the company wants to convey, and be established it back where it belongs.

If you feel your corporate communications tools needs a revamp, do not hesitate to get in touch, we can help.

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